5 Best Exercises To Get Six Pack Abs

Avoid Mistakes that you were doing while getting six pack abs , 5 Best Exercises To Get Six Pack Abs Check this!!

The amazing facts about AB exercise are given here like: You can build on highly-targeted moves that carve your circuitous, build your abdominals pop, and build a powerful structure of core strength to pretty much every single workout. To build your muscles, either you can mix abs-focused exercises with incendiary moves in a HIIT routine and torch fat simultaneously or you can beat your abs at the end of a strength-training routine. These both are actually suitable. Diverting things up keeps your body guessing and muscles growing.

Whenever people try to make their six-pack muscles, they neglect the rest of their body. And this is “The biggest blunder people make when they’re trying to get toned and muscular abs is focusing on just ab exercises and masticates day by day”. In short you can’t spot train. Perhaps, you can’t work with a junky diet. In fact, abs exercises are virtually useless if you aren’t focusing on your diet plan.

Make Sure to focus on your diet – Eat healthy and Fatless Foods.


The Suggestions for Reps for an ab-specific workout will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete. If you do 2-3 sets in workout. Take as less rest as possible between reps, and give yourself some minutes between sets. “Don’t rest too long, though, because you need to keep your heart rate up and your muscles engaged’’.

If you’re just using your bodyweight for workout, keep the reps and sets high. If you’re incorporating with heavy weight and some of the moves, do lower reps with more sets. Modify the workout according to the intensity, Goal and duration you’re looking for. 

1. Hollow Rocks

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How to do: Lie on floor with your legs straight out in front of you and arms extended overhead. Make sure contact between your lower back and the ground as you raise your upper body off the floor, using your core. Keep arms straight (behind your head) and your toes pointed away from you. Engage your abs as you hollow your belly and also slightly round your lower back. Lift your legs off the floor as you raise up your shoulders, pulling you back toward the ground.

Tip: “Ensure your back continue rounded with your pelvis tucked under, and don’t raise your legs up more than a foot off the ground as you rock back and forth”. Use lower abs to get that momentum going, not your legs.

Reps: 40

2. Russian Twists

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How to do: Sit on the ground on knees and bent them at 90 degrees and your torso at 45-degree angle from the ground. Keep your back straight and your hands at your chest. Incendiary twist your torso as far as you can to left, trying to touch your left elbow to ground. Reverse the motion, and explosively twist to your right. Trying to touch your right elbow to the ground. This makes one rep.

Tip: Focus on form, because movement is quick. Take care that your spine is straight instead of rounded to avoid added stress on your lower back.

Reps: 50

3. V-Ups

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How to do: Lie on floor in hollow body position, so your upper body is off the floor. Your arms are extended overhead (at your ears). And legs are straight out in front of you. With your feet connected and toes pointed, raise both legs up. Keeping Legs completely straight, while raising your upper body part off the ground. Your hands need to touch your toes.

Tip: “Compress and engage your lower abdominal muscles to reach for your toes without bending knees. And then lower yourself back into the hollow rock position”.

Reps: 40

4. Full Weighted Sit up

How to do: Lie on floor with your back flat and legs bent. Holding a weight on your chest, slowly get your upper body up for 4 seconds. And come into sitting position so that your torso is perpendicular to your legs. Then slowly lower your upper body, for another 4-second count.  Back down into the starting position. Repeat.

Tip: Keep your back completely flat and bent your legs and feet glued to the ground.

Duration: 1 minute

Reps: 3 times

5. Bicycle Crunches

How to do: Lie flat on your back on floor, with your legs extended and feet flat beneath you. Start the crunches by resting your arms behind head. As you raise legs, contract your abs so that your shoulders lift the floor. Contact your right arm with left leg, and then left arm with your right leg. Holding them behind your head.

Tip: Compress your abs muscles while contacting the arms with legs.

Duration: 1 minute

Reps: 3 times

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